Be healthy – an idea for a delicious nutrition plan, York

A good nutritionist is one who is able to motivate one to maintain a healthy lifestyle. I compose nutrition plan and cook with passion, and for that very reason, I know that a healthy diet does not have to be boring at all! With my help, you will learn to compose a delicious and inventive menu, customized with your individual needs and preferences in terms of eating in mind.
Apart from an extensive knowledge in the realm of healthy eating, I have as well education and experience in the catering industry, and for that very reason, I find it easy to prepare interesting and tasty menus, which may include different kinds of dishes, commencing with traditional English cuisine, the gluten-free and vegetarian ones, and also those representing fusion cuisine. Variety of the diet will help you maintain a healthy lifestyle prices, and I can assure you that thanks to that you will start to enjoy your life more every day.
My education has made it possible for me to commence my adventure with planning customized nutrition plans – I studied dietetics at Medical University in Poznań and graduated with bachelor degree and also in the major of the hotel management and catering from the Academy of Hotel Management and Catering Industry in that same city. The latter field of study has taught me how to adopt a customized approach to the needs of my customers.
I underwent internship, and also acquired professional experience, providing customized consultations at various catering establishments, in schools, nursery schools, dietary clinics and in restaurants. In addition to that, I have conducted numerous trainings in the realm of healthy eating habits, and also organized culinary workshops for individuals at various ages, commencing with children and the young, and including the elderly. However, first and foremost, I have acquired a practical knowledge relevant to preparing tried-out recipes for tasty and original dishes – I have worked as a chef in several restaurants in Poznań, for example, in the elegant Villa Magnolia, or in the inventive Dark Restaurant, at which I perfected my cooking abilities.

Motivation for change

I believe that delicious and tried-out dishes included in the nutritional plan prepared by me will inspire you to change your eating habits effectively.
But, there will be more to that! By means of providing consultations, I also try to motivate people to change their entire lifestyle making it better. I prove that it is worth trying – I lead an active lifestyle myself. Together with my husband, have already crossed the region of North Yorkshire on bicycles. Adventures, and sometimes enormous effort, are worthwhile because it is not nearly every day that we have something to reminisce upon, which gives us a lot of strength for at least a couple of months. And this is me and my precious family

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