What are my propositions?

Customized nutrition consultations at a competitive price
  • In the course of my first visit, I conduct a detailed nutritional interview, during which I find out about individual preferences, adopted objectives and needs, and also the current lifestyle of a given individual. In addition to that, I conduct the analysis of body mass composition, the contents of the adipose tissue, and also the demand of the organism for energy. That makes me to plan the further course of action.
  • Upon the basis of the information acquired previously, I prepare a detailed menu for the following days or weeks. In that, I take under consideration your dietary needs, preferences in terms of flavour, cooking abilities, and also the time which can be devoted to preparing your dishes by yourself.
  • I visit you for a check-up – I check your progress, answer your questions and motivate to persevere with your actions.
I provide effective nutritional therapy and a long-lasting effect!

For whom?

For everybody who wishes to be healthy. Remember that it is only the correctly prepared nutrition plan that can bring about desired effects.
  • Weight-loss nutrition plan – I prepare a nutrition plan, which will make it possible for you to lose those excessive kilograms effectively and for good. I provide consultations backed up by scientific research, which can be taken advantage of by you throughout your entire life.
  • Nutrition plan for pregnant women – including as well those who plan to become pregnant, and the breast-feeding ones. I provide hints on what to eat in larger quantities, and what to avoid. I select recipes which will make it possible for you to regain the appropriate weight after your pregnancy.
  • Nutrition plan for allergic individuals – food intolerance may cause difficulties related to providing oneself with necessary food ingredients. So as to protect your health against the deficit of them, I determine the nutrition plan which is appropriate for you and which will improve the quality of your life.
  • Nutrition plan for sportsmen – sportsmen require particular attention. The nutritional needs of a sports person vary, depending upon the kind, intensity, and also the duration of trainings, and, for that very reason, it is recommendable to ensure a correct and well-balanced nutrition plan, which is capable of reducing tiredness, prevent dehydration, and even improving performance.
  • Nutrition plan for children and the young – instilling appropriate eating habits is a very important responsibility of a parent. So as to prevent your child from having to struggle against overweight or some diseases in the future, it is recommendable to make sure they follow healthy nutrition plan as soon as now.
  • Treatment of nutrition-related diseases – I provide consultations, and also prepare nutrition plans in the following scope: circulation system diseases, diabetes, malnutrition, eating disorders, vitamin and mineral deficits, neoplasmic diseases, the diseases of the digestive system, liver, gall bladder and biliary ducts, pancreas, kidneys, endocrine system, neuro-degenerative diseases, genetically-conditioned diseases (gluten-induced enteropathy, phenyloketonuria), gout, osteoporosis and anaemia.

In addition to that

I collaborate with restaurants in the scope of preparing their menus.
  • I offer catering consultations – I determine the contents of low-calorie, vegetarian, dietary, gluten-free and no-milk menu. I calculate the calorific values of dishes.

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