Juicy, low-calorie chicken breast in orange sauce

Chicken breast is a good idea for people who are on a diet or want to limit intake of cholesterol. The meat contains very little fat which may make the meattough and not very juicy. Therefore, I recommend the earlier marinating and cooking for the shortest time.


(6 servings)

- 6 chicken breasts
- 3 oranges
- 1 tbsp honey
- Onion (medium size)
- clove of garlic
- Cream 50ml
- turmeric
- Cayenne pepper
- salt


Oranges scalded with boiling water to get rid of the bitter taste. Then wipe them zest and squeeze the juice. The juice mixed with honey, turmeric, chilli pepper, salt and grated onion and garlic. Thus prepared pour marinade chicken breasts and leave for 2 hours in the refrigerator. Followed by chicken with sauce we pour into the pan and cook covered for about 15 minutes to be cooked chicken and the sauce has reduced slightly. At the end add some cream.

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